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Useful Grant & Funding Resources

Every year, the U.S. Department of Education has billions of dollars [this year it is approximately $28 billion] in contract and grant funding available for states and school districts. Each year, millions of dollars of grant and funding sources go virtually un-awarded. Many sources of grant and funding dollars go untapped because dedicated individuals don't know about them, don't apply for them, or, don't know how to apply for those grants that specifically are earmarked for programs that they could use.

There are resources available on the Web to help you get started with successful and effective grant-writing proposals. Once you obtain a grant it doesn't stop there; other considerations include grant tracking and grant management. We hope that the resources listed below may prove to be fruitful for funding sources for any or all of your educational needs. We will continually add to this page so if you have any suggestions please feel free to email us suggestions

Excellent places to start:

U.S. Department of Education - "Grants & Contracts" by the U.S. Department of Education; and "Grants & Contracts Information". Also visit their "Resource Guide to Federal Funding For Technology in Education" (June, 1998), "What Should I Know About ED Grants?" (September, 1998), and detailed information on "The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001" plus the official "No Child Left Behind" Web site. Eduscapes - an excellent starting page for Grants and Grant Writing. Grants Center - which covers grant resources, grant writing, subject resource and featured grants. Also visit their "Teacher Resources for Education Grants". - a site devoted to providing free resources for both advanced grant writing consultants and inexperienced nonprofit staff.

Non-profit Guides - grant writing tools for non-profit organizations, and their "list of linked resources". - a periodic bulletin for teachers that covers grants including their useful "Do's and Don'ts list" and list of "Previous Bulletins". - was created in 1999 as a way to share grant information with Pre K-12 educators. Their Web site covers such topics as: grant opportunities, grant writing tips, and much more. - a resource to find funds for training in the sciences and undergraduate science education.

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Grants Information Center - more assistance with grant proposal writing and their list of Internet resources.

The Foundation Center - a great resource for grant seekers. There is simply too much information at this site to comment on - you've got to visit it!

10 Great Ways to Get a Grant - a simple 10 step guideline (by Scholastic) that may prove to be very helpful for you.

eSchoolNews Online Forum - seek some advice and help from your peers through their online discussion forum.

A recent Library Grant - an example of recent grant money that was available for libraries.

Additional Web Pages with lists of Grant Resources

Yahoo! Directory - Education: Grants - access to the popular Web directory, Yahoo!, list of grant resources.

Google Directory - Education: Grants - access to the popular Web search engine (Google) directory list of grant resources.

Pitsco Grants & Funding Web Resources Page - an "A to Z" type of list of grant resources. - their subject access area covering business sources and grants.

Potential Grant Resources for Funding Consideration:

Reading is Fundamental (RIF) - a very popular funding source for book programs. [Books4School is an authorized RIF distributor - here is "access to our special online RIF catalog".]

Grants for Non-profits - A Web site that has a listing of computer technology related grants for non-profits.

IBM: Reinventing Education - their resource that can assist you in obtaining funding.

International Technology Education Association - their information regarding technology education grants.

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