Tradebooks are all books that are not Textbooks and are not part of our Valu-Book inventory. Tradebooks are new books that we stock and source directly from Publishers. We have access to over 10,000,000 book titles currently in print. 

We can provide bids and quotes if requested.    

Tradebooks are priced at a discount off of the publisher’s suggested retail cover price.

Tradebook Discount Schedule

Total Order by
Retail Cover Price
Discount Off
Total Order
$1 – $999 35% 7% of order, minimum shipping fee of $15.00
$1,000+ 35% *Free Shipping in the continental U.S.


*Please note : Publishers can change prices without notice. Although this does not happen frequently, it can happen. Our website and quote reflects the price the publisher made available at the time of inquiry.

Due to market pricing, a few special order titles may only be available at a discount less than 35%.  We will provide the best discount available for these occasional titles.

We accept institutional purchase orders, school purchase orders, district purchasing credit cards, Visa, Mastercard and checks.

* Please contact us regarding shipping outside of the continental U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii. 608-277-2407, 800-752-3131 or

Tradebooks are sold non-returnable.