Flash Point

As wildfires threaten his home, his stepfather's livelihood, and the raptors he has come to love, Luther struggles to resolve the conflicts in his community and the ones inside himself.

The town of Heartwood, Montana is burning out of control. Stoked by nearby wildfires, long-standing disputes over forestry policies have been reignited, pitting out-of-work local residents against environmentalists and state wildlife managers. At the center of the heated dispute is high school sophomore Luther Wright.

Luther used to be just like all his friends, playing football and partying every chance he got. But now he spends his time helping the local veterinarian Kay rehabilitate injured raptors. Against the backdrop of Montana's worst wildfire season in years, Luther begins questioning many of the community's basic precepts, and in doing so faces alienation. But when someone starts shooting Kay's birds and suspicious fires start breaking out, Luther is drawn into a situation far more dangerous than he could have ever imagined.

Award-winning author Sneed B. Collard III offers readers an affecting, realistic portrait of a teenage boy who learns to navigate a difficult course between standing up for what he believes and maintaining loyalty to his family and friends. Collard also provides a balanced look at the difficulties of balancing competing environmental and economic interests.

Target age group 12-16
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    Collard III, Sneed B
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