Lion Heart Goes to School

Does your child struggle with Separation Anxiety? Millions of kids worldwide (and their parents) struggle at drop-off time every day. There is an effective solution, inspired by experts and crafted by a mom: Lion Heart Goes to School is a children's book to ease separation anxiety in little kids (ages 1-5) attending school. It is a short story for children, where each page is written in Spanish. It is a must-have book to start school. You can use this book as a bedtime story for kids ages 1-5. This children´s book comes with a wooden heart that serves as a transitional object for kids to take along. Is a customizable and fully personalizable children´s book: your child is the main character (his/her face and name are on each page). Story: When the character feels sad as you leave her at school, she grabs the heart you gave her and remembers that she is loved and brave to face her fears. What could have been a bad day, ends happily as Mom always comes back. Lion Heart Goes to School is more than a book, it's a must-have in every kids bookshelf. It is also an essential tool that soothes both child and mother; and it does it in a fun, fresh way.
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    Juvenile Fiction
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    3 to 5 yrs
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    Board Book
  • Theme 1
    Social, Personal & Family Topics
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    Emotions & Feelings
  • Detailed (BISAC) Subject/Theme
    School & Education
  • Author
    Mejia, CaRo
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    Tupo Pamoja
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    0.5 H x 10.5 L x x 7.2 W

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