Recognition from Customers

Here is what our Customers are saying about Books4School:

March/2024 Nevada Customer:

...We always appreciate the varied book selection, lower cost options and the order prep/shipping is awesome.  

November/2023 California Customer:

...Thank you for the quick service and attention to our new account. The books arrived well packaged. We are very happy with our first order with your company. 

November/2023 Pennsylvania Customer:

...thank you for adding the Nepali bilingual books to your inventory. The families here will love them.

September/2023 California Customer:

Choosing your team for our recent substantial order was an easy decision, primarily because of the trust we've built. Your commitment to delivering top-notch books at competitive rates, coupled with exceptional customer service, has been a cornerstone of our success.

August/2023 California Customer:

You are all impeccable.....Thank you for the quality service. 

August/2023 Nebraska Customer:

....I truly appreciate it and love how you stand by your products.  It most definitely shows what an outstanding company you are!  I have enjoyed working with you over the years. 

August/2023 California Customer:

....I wanted to reach out and thank your team for their tremendous efforts in accommodating our organization distribute high-quality books to our kiddos here in southern California!

August/2023 Wisconsin Customer:

....thanks so much for your amazingly fast turnaround time from order to arrival of books. You guys are always so fast, have great prices, and are so positive to work with.

April/2023 Nebraska Customer:

....You folks are the best! Whenever it's time to order books I start with your website!

March/2023 Massachusetts Customer:

....Thank you so much for the increase in diverse languages on the website -I am ordering from there ALL THE TIME and just so much appreciate the availability of these books in an easy way.  I was thrilled to see a Ukrainian addition on there today....    

March/2023 Indiana Customer:

....We are enjoying our orders from your company....we appreciate how organized our orders are!  It's very helpful.    

December/2022 Florida Customer:

....I received the order on Monday; thank you for the fast delivery! ..... The books are excellent, like always!

December/2022 Georgia Customer:

....We're so impressed with y'all's turnaround time.

August/2022 New York Customer: guys really came through by giving books my French-speaking parents could read easily -- You Rock! ....It's just so cool the joy you've brought to my families....

July/2022 California Customer:

It's so comforting to know there are still businesses out there with a heart, that make decisions based on what is best for kids! I will be ordering books from you in the future for sure, and I can't wait to share this new resource with my staff and friends on social media. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You put a smile on my face!

July/2022 Wisconsin Customer:

We just went through the order and are so in love with all the books!

July/2022 California Customer:

I received my book order today and I just want to say I couldn't be more happy! From phone calls to emails to the receipt of my first order-- not to mention speed of light delivery -- I've had a wonderful first experience with your company and can't wait to order again!

June/2022 Virginia Customer:

It's been a pleasure working with your company over the past many years. You provide a great service with your low cost books and you are so quick and helpful....

June/2022 New Jersey Customer:

I work for a Title 1 school in a very diverse low economic area. We received a grant for a Little FREE Library and it came with a beautiful pack of diverse books! I mean BEAUTIFUL!  (books were from Books4school!)

June/2022 Kansas Customer:

You guys are great.  I'm a big fan... 

May/2022 Pennsylvania Customer:

Thank you for always helping me create the best literacy opportunities for the children and families in Philadelphia. 

May/2022 Nebraska Customer:

You folks are wonderful...such fast service is incredible in these days.

May/2022 Michigan Customer:

We received our order today, thank you that was so quick!

March/2022 Wisconsin Customer:

Thank you for your continued amazing customer service, quick delivery times and great prices and books! We love Books4School

March/2022 Texas Customer:

Fabulous service!  Thank you so much!

February/2022 Indiana Customer:

You guys are AMAZING!!!!!  I placed an order with your company on Thursday morning, February 17.  Three HOURS later, I had notification that it had shipped.  I came home from church this morning to find the books had been delivered. All was in perfect order.  Love working with your company.

February/2022 Iowa Customer:

My orders have always arrived very quickly. In fact, your company saved us numerous times when we have run low on books at the last minute for community events.

January/2022 Nevada Customer:

We received the books we ordered in a very timely manner.  Thank you.  The quality was great....  

January/2022 Wisconsin Customer:

Thank you - we always like doing business with you!

December/2021 Nevada Customer:

I ordered these holiday-ish books last week for an “affordable Christmas” event tomorrow.  I didn’t have advance notice of the event and was unsure if the books would arrive on time but I took a chance.  And wow, on-time and with a few days to spare.  Kudos to you and your team!!

December/2021 Tennesee Customer:

We so appreicate your service.

November/2021 Arkansas Customer:

We just love y'all!

November/2021 Michigan Customer:

Thank you. Our books arrived today, you are very fast!

October/2021 Illinois Customer:

Thank you for the speedy service!!!

October/2021 Texas Customer:

I just wanted you to know that this selection of books is wonderful.  I give each kid  a free book for Halloween.

October/2021 New York City Customer:

We love your company for many reasons including of course the stellar customer service you provide.

July/2021 Wisconsin Customer:

Thanks for shipping our order so fast! Always pleased with the selection and service.

June/2021 New York Customer:

I just discovered your website and I'm so excited!  ...With your pricing I will be able to get a lot more for my money.    

May/2021 North Carolina Customer:

We REALLY appreciate your fast shipping!

April/2021 Michigan Customer:

Thank you so much! Your business has the best customer service!

March/2021 New York Customer:

We received our book order. As always I am amazed on how quickly they arrive to us!

March/2021 Colorado Customer:

I really appreciate Books4School.  It makes my job (volunteer though it is) so much easier.

March/2021 Massachusetts Customer:

Thanks for your support! We love ordering from you guys.

February/2021 Texas Customer:

......I ordered from Books4School today, and it was fantastic!  What a great website.  I then called them to pay a balance owed, and the lady who helped me was super helpful and pleasant.  

January/2021 Wisconsin Customer:

....(our) clinics with HIGH minority patient population was singing your praises and so pleased with the increase in availability of diverse books!  

January/2021 Virginia Customer:

It’s always a pleasure working with you and Books4School. We know that the job will be done in a thorough and timely manner with smiles on your faces!  We are grateful for your support of our mission.  Many thanks!

December/2020 Florida Customer:

"Thank you so much for all you and your wonderful organization do to keep children "reading".  It is an awesome gift that we can share with younger generations."

November/2020 California Customer:

"First, just wanted to let you know we unpacked the shipment, and the books are fantastic! Perfect for our program. We also appreciate that you packed the boxes so carefully - none of the books were damaged in shipping. Thank you."

November/2020 Oregon, WI Customer:

"I am so happy with these books, you guys are the best. The books and prices are amazing!"

August/2020  Arizona Customer:

"Thank you so much! Both my company and I appreciate everything you, Molly, and everyone at Books4School do. We are lucky to work with people who are as passionate about getting books into hands that need them as we are!"

A Customer from Wisconsin:

Thank you!! I really like doing business with you!!!"

 A Customer from Connecticut:

“thank you to you, your family and all your employees for all you do. It’s a pleasure working with you.”

A Customer from Nevada:

“I always have an easy ordering process, and our families enjoy the books, so I will be back to purchase again soon.”

 A Customer from Connecticut:

“As always, we love the books we are able to order from Books4School!”

From a Michigan Reading teacher: 

"Many of our teachers have ordered books from you and love your selection and prices!"

From Iowa customer: 

I'm really glad you're around!! Great service and nice people!! 

 A California Customer:

“Hello! I received the announcement about your Valu-Books.  As coordinator for the Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) project managed locally by the American Association of University Women (AAUW)—….. We all love your books!”

California Customer:

“Those books were such a great find!! They are Spanish, colorful, and they have suggestions for the teacher/parent to ask questions of the story. I love them. That’s why we went nuts and ordered most of your titles.

Thank you Marty and team for always keeping an eye out for our kids by finding variety in the stories, great quality and keeping the price competitive so that we may purchase them. If our families could, they would thank you all directly.”

Minnesota Customer:

I have been in the business of ordering prize books for our library’s Summer and Winter Reading Programs for about a decade. I have searched high and low for a company that offers quality books, without a ridiculously high shipping charge. When I found you, I felt like I found the gold at the end of the rainbow!

Thank you for offering books that I’m proud to give to our young readers at a price that we can afford. Please continue to work towards getting good books in the hands of kids…that mission is nothing short of life-changing.”

 California Customer:

We have such a great working experience with your company…. I trust that we are in great hands with you and thank you for caring so much about delivering your wonderful books into the hands of our little ones….

Michigan Customer:

 Hello Books 4 School! I have been singing your praises high and low for a couple of weeks now…thank you for offering books at an affordable price with very reasonable shipping costs. For me, that means I can put more books in the hands of more kids. Thank you.