Society of Distinguished Lemmings

In a society of lemmings, can a bear ever belong?
It takes an awful lot of rules to be so fancy, but this group of lemmings is determined to be grand and elegant in everything they do. That means no rolling around, no climbing, and certainly no splashing in the mud!
But Bertie has grown tired of the other lemmings and decides to venture outside his burrow, where he meets--a bear! The bear knows nothing about rules, but a lot about having fun. Bertie and the bear have a great time together...until the other lemmings discover Bertie's new friend. They decide, at once, that everything about the bear is going to have to change if he's ever going to fit in with the group.
Can Bertie's friend learn how to be fancy like the lemmings, or is the bear simply too big and clumsy?
This story of challenging peers, questioning the rules, and staying true to yourself is a great read for discussions on independence and group behaviors. Newly confident readers will enjoy discovering the humorous moments in the book's many speech bubbles, which are excellent for practicing detailed reading and visual literacy.
Target age group 6-9
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    Juvenile Fiction
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    6 to 8 yrs
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    Social, Personal & Family Topics
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    Manners & Etiquette
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    Colombet, Julie
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    Peachtree Publishers
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