Great Realization

Selected by Today as a book to ease kids' anxiety about corona virus."
We all need hope. Humans have an extraordinary capacity to battle through adversity, but only if they have something to cling onto: a belief or hope that maybe, one day, things will be better.
This idea sparked
The Great Realization. Sharing the truths we may find hard to tell but also celebrating the things--from simple acts of kindness and finding joy in everyday activities, to the creativity within us all--that have brought us together during lockdown, it gives us hope in this time of global crisis.
Written for his younger brother and sister in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Tomos Roberts's heartfelt poem is as timely as it is timeless. Its message of hope and resilience, of rebirth and renewal, has captured the hearts of children and adults all over the globe--and the glimpse it offers of a fairer, kinder, more sustainable world continues to inspire thousands every day.
With Tomos Roberts's heartfelt poem and beautiful illustrations by award-winning artist Nomoco,
The Great Realization is a profound work, at once striking and reassuring, reminding readers young and old that in the face of adversity there are still dreams to be dreamt and kindnesses to be shared and hope. There is still hope.
We now call it The Great Realization
Target age group 4-8
and, yes, since then there have been many.
But that's the story of how it started . . .
and why hindsight's 2020.
Target age group 4 to 8
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