Terms and Conditions


Valu Books are net priced and already include all discounts.

Tradebooks are 30% off the retail cover price except for books purchased from a few select publishers who do not provide us with standard discounts.

Bid pricing is available.  Please contact us at 800-752-3131 or sales@books4school.com

Payment Terms

We accept MasterCard, VISA, Purchasing credit cards, ACH, checks, and authorized Purchase Orders from institutions.  Payment for "on account" billing is due upon receipt of the invoice.  

Return Policy

Merchandise purchased from Interstate Books4School is non-returnable, except in rare special circumstances. Please call 800-752-3131 or e-mail sales@books4school.com to discuss.  


Free shipping for qualified RIF (Reading is Fundamental) and ROR (Reach Out and Read) contract holders

All Other Customers:

$1 - $999 order (before sales tax if any) shipping is 8% of the order (minimum shipping charge is $15)

Over $1,000 order  (before sales tax if any)

shipping is Free within the continental U.S.


International Orders

Customer pays shipping, duties 

Shipping and duty taxes are added for all International shipments at Check Out.   Please contact us regarding shipping to Alaska & Hawaii.

Expedited Shipping is available at an extra cost; please call 800-752-3131 to inquire.

Sales Tax

Sales tax will not be charged to schools and non-profit organizations, except in California. Orders shipped in Wisconsin to “Non-sales tax exempt” organizations will be charged 5.5% Wisconsin sales tax.

California Sales Tax

Appropriate California sales tax will be charged based on the “ship to” address in California. Please add California sales tax on the order form, unless you are a California Sales Tax Exempt organization.

Who Can Buy From Interstate Books4School

Schools, libraries, clinics, non-profits, literacy organizations and all programs and all individuals are eligible for our advantageous pricing and quality books.

Sales & Customer Service -- For orders or questions about merchandise


800-752-3131  or  608-277-2407    or FAX: 608-277-2410

Accounting  -- For invoice copies or payment questions


800-752-3131 x 10  or  608-277-2407 x 10    or FAX: 608-277-2410